Full Body Skin Exam

Full Body Skin Exam

The skin exam can be scary, especially if you are meeting your doctor for the first time and have never had a skin exam before.  Relax, leave the medicine to the experts, but here are a few things that will help make your skin exam go smoother. At the skin exam, the goal is to exam 100% of your skin for skin cancer or unusual moles.  This can best be accomplished by following this advice: 

1.  Gowns opens in the back, please remove all or most of your clothing.

2. Please dress to your comfort level, but the more I can see the better I can help care for your skin.  Please remove shoes and socks too.

3. Turn your cell phones off, or leave them at home.

4. I will respect your time here so please respect my time as well.  If we cannot address all of your skin needs at your skin exam appointment, we will make a follow-up appointment to adress any remaining issues.  

5. No Make-up! Please do not wear make-up to your exam, or arrive early and ask for some towels to remove your make-up. 

6. Make sure you are seeing a board-certified Dermatologist - training matters!

We take skin exams seriously and want to make sure that your skin is healthy so that you can continue to enjoy a healthy, fun life in Colorado.  


Dr. Brooke Walls and the team at Aspen Center for Dermatology


Dr. Brooke Walls, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon Owner and director of Aspen Center for Cosmetic Medicine & Dermatology, plant-based physician, mother, runner

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