Healthy Diet is associated with LESS Wrinkles

Patients are always asking me how to maintain or acheive a more youthful appearance. Not everyone is excited to try neurotoxins such as Botox or fillers for the sake of beauty. So what can I offer them? What advice do I have? Well, besides the obvious SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN answer, we are now discovering scientific evidence that the foods we eat do indeed affect our skin and can prevent aging and help repair DNA damage, leading to less wrinkles and less skin cancers.1

A recent population study looked at a cohort of 2753 elderly women and how their diet affected their skin. Researchers assessed patient diet patterns using a validated questionnaire and facial wrinkles using digital photographs of facial skin and quantified facial wrinkling. Their findings suggested that adhearence to the Dutch Healthy Diet was significantly associated with less wrinkles among women. In women, red meat and snack dominate pattern was associated with more facial wrinkles, whereas fruit dominate eating habits was associated with fewer wrinkles.

Previous smaller studies have investigated features of skin aging in association with diet and found that intake of vegetables, foods high in carotenoids and vitamin C, olive oil, linoleic acid, and fish were associated with less photoaging. Conversely, an intake of saturated fats a sugar were associated with more wrinkling. Researchers conclude from their recent findings that the type of diet does influence the severity of facial wrinkles in women, where an unhealthy diet significantly increases wrinkling. So go green, go clean and eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to help maintain a youthful appearnce and ward off facial wrinkling.

1. S. Mekic et al. A healthy diet in women is associated with less facial wrinkles in a large Dutch population-based cohort. JAAD. vol 80, N 5. May 2019.


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